This activity of the project includes two phases: the Terra Studio Workshop and Exhibition in Terra Gallery. Terra Youth workshop for seven days held in Terra Studio. At this workshop attended by 20 young people and children from vulnerable groups (Roma youth, youth with special needs, disadvantaged).

The workshop was supported by young artists and students from the faculties of arts (8 STUDENTS from Romania and 12 students from Serbia). 
During the workshop participants techniques, the basics of the tile, majolica, ceramics and modeling clay.

During the seven days of work in Terra Studio, participants had the opportunity to see and Sculpture Park nearby, which contains over 250 works of sculpture. After drying and burning pieces of tile production created during the workshop, it was made an exhibition in Gallery Terra from Kikinda.

This event was accompanied by an exhibition catalog containing pictures taken during the workshop, photos of final products exhibited at the show and other details of the event (number of participants, age and names etc.) and accompanying text describing the project.