Pavilion 2017 edition Banat Timisoara relied primarily on dialogue and diversity. Looking identity Banat young artists have resorted to some local resources that this exhibition has highlighted. Among these, are events held locally to put their mark on the creative visual – Biennial Yugoslav young artists from Vrsac Biennale of Visual Art in Pancevo Biennial Art Encounters in Timisoara or activity local museums, the Foundation Triads, Terra Museum of Kikinda and galleries Jecza, Calina and Calpe. The work of these public and private entities has generated platforms to promote contemporary art.

Banat Pavilion 2017 InclusiveArt part of the project is integrated Biennial Art Encounters, soon became the most important event of contemporary art in Romania.


The event was organized in collaboration with the Foundation Interart TRIADE Timisoara. Curator was Andrei Jecza. He spoke at the opening Răceanu Corina Andrei Jecza and Irena Radojičić (Serbia Consul). Artists who exhibited are: Mihaela Meral Ahmed Barakat Natalia BICA Milica ĆEBIĆ Tamara Dragan Laura Duduleanu, Emanuel GLIGA Iulian IFTODIU, Nadežda KIRĆANSKI, Irena Kovac Milica Krstić Malvina Carola LIUBA Corina Marin Nora Mesaros, Andrei Pitut Ion Toderaşcu